Full Time PG Programs for Jan 2012 Intake

Degree / Diploma


Tuition Fees

PG- Advertising and Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Tourism Management, International Relations, Marketing Management, Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security, Applied Communication, Communication, Culture and Media, Global Media and Communication, Film and Visual Cultures, Digital Media and Culture, Disaster Management, Environmental Management, Finance, Global Development and International Law, International Human Resource Management, International Marketing, Oil and Gas Management, Strategic Marketing Management, International Business, Global Financial Trading, International Fashion Marketing, International Hospitality and Tourism Management, LLM International Law, LLM Law, Automotive Engineering, Air Transport Strategy and Management, Building Surveying, Civil and Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computing, Construction Project and Cost Management, Engineering & Management, Engineering Business Management, Engineering Project Management, Forensic Computing, Information Technology, Management of Information Technology, Logistics, Management for Construction, Management Information Systems, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering , Network Computing, Software Development, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing and Engineering Management, Public Health

1 Year

 £9,660 to £13,125

MBA - Finance, General Management, International Business, Marketing, Risk and Disaster Management, Engineering Management, Information Technology, Logistics, Global Business, Global Financial Services, International Fashion Management, International Human Resource Management, Oil and Gas Management

1 Year

£11,760 to £13,125

UG -Global Business Management, Global Financial Trading, Business Administration, Business & Human Resource Management, Business & Marketing, Business Management, Marketing

3 Years

£9,060 to £9,990