To achieve excellence in Career, one needs Academic Excellence. The excellence though starts from schooling, but can also be captured during higher education levels. Be it at home country or abroad, the path one chooses at the early stages leads to the right destination.

To help students who wish to gain academic excellence by studying abroad, Career Plus Services provides free guidance and services to get admission in the leading Universities and Colleges in various parts of the world. We work with more than 300 Universities, Colleges & Institutes worldwide located in UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand , Singapore, Cyprus, Switzerland, Dubai, Mauritius, China, Ireland, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Europe, France, Japan and Korea etc.

Career Plus Services is and old Education Group since 1999, which has been guiding students with various Universities & Colleges in different parts of the world.

Career Plus Services has 4 offices, the Head office is in New Delhi and 3 branches in Toronto (Canada) & Bangalore.

Career Plus Services has tremendous expertise in Student Counselling with expert Counsellors having experience of 10-20 years in the field of Education particularly Study Abroad. Our Director has himself studied from abroad. He is a MBA from University of Leeds, UK (1995-96). He is an Electronics Engineer by background from NSIT, New Delhi (former Delhi Institute of Technology; among top 10 Engineering Colleges in India). He was earlier Director of University of Leeds South Asia Office (New Delhi) for 11 years from 1999 to 2009.

The services will be One Stop Solution for whatever you need in life to Prosper and Succeed in your “Career”, therefore the name “Career Plus Services “

Career Plus Services works with:

·         55 Universities/Colleges in UK

·         38 Canadian Universities/Colleges

·         18 MOE approved Institutes in Singapore

·         50 Universities/Colleges/Institutes in New Zealand

·         35 Australian Universities/ Colleges/Institutes

·         3 Universities/Colleges in Cyprus

·         2  Universities/Colleges Switzerland

·         1 University in Germany

·         3 Universities/Colleges in USA

·         4 Universities/Colleges in Ireland

·         2 Universities in Dubai

·         2  University /Institute in Mauritius


Career Plus Services offers free, fair, personalized counseling to the students and their parents.