Services Offered By Us:

Our expert counsellors suggest you appropriate courses basedon :

  • Your qualification background
  • Career prospects according to market trends and future growth
  • Economic/financial ability

We suggest best University/College for the country of your choice.

Universities in Canada and USA offer degree programmes for longer period as compared to U.K. So students who want to finish their course earlier to join a job faster then U.K. universities/colleges are the best option.

Students who are looking at PR or immigration, they should aim for countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Every University has its own hostels/dormitory/halls of residence/flats etc. which provide various kinds of rooms as per student’s needs for example: shared, en-suites, single, family accommodation and more...

Students can also apply for private accommodation which is cheaper at times.

We organize PreDeparture briefing for the students who are leaving for various countries to gain education & enhance their degrees & profile.

In these sessions we provide information about visa, accommodation, international flights, how to reach university, alumni interaction, things to carry, how to open bank accounts etc.